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J. Coffee for Commissioner

This is a faux campaign designed for training purposes only. Images and issues presented are non-political and will not be assigning political party designations, although references to political party may be made when addressing specific training items such as attribution. 

Candidate Scenario – J. Coffee is a candidate for Commissioner, with a primary election opponent P. Lemonade and general election opponent H. Cocoa.

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Added first campaign contribution of $180.00 from Jane Doe, a local counselor

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Added my Filing Fee to my Campaign Finance Report as an in-kind donation from candidate of $100.00

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Placed Campaign Finance Reporting due dates on campaign calendar  
Opened a general election account at my Montana bank  
Opened a primary election account at my Montana bank  
Obtained an EIN – Montana banks require an EIN to open a campaign account  

Electronically filed with the COPP (C1 - Statewide, State District candidates or C1A for County and local offices) NOTE – Electronic filing is required for Statewide & State District candidates, optional for County candidates, however the COPP appreciates all those who file electronically

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Filed and paid filing fee (SOS for Statewide, State District candidates) (County for County and local offices)