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Beall, Katie
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City Candidate: Fair Notice (Clean Campaign) Period for General Election: October 26-November 5

City Candidate: Clean Campaign Period (October 26-November 5) for General Election

City Candidates: The Fair Notice Period (13-35-402, MCA) for the primary election runs from October 26-November 5. During this period, candidates must provide an opposing candidate with any final copy of campaign advertising that runs (is released) in the 10 days prior to an election day if:

  • The campaign materials run any time from August 30 through September 10;
  • The opponent’s name or image is referenced.

Materials must be shared as soon as they are made public (e.g. dropped in the mail or published digitally). Legally, this means (44.11.607 ARM):

  • at the time the material is published or broadcast or disseminated to the public;
  • if the material is disseminated by direct mail, on the date of the postmark; or
  • if the material is prepared and disseminated by hand, on the day the material is first being made available to the general public.

A copy of the material does not need to be shared with an opponent if:

  1. identical material was already published or broadcast (before the beginning of the Fair Notice Period); or
  2. the material does not identify or mention the opposing candidate.

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