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Beall, Katie
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City Candidates: C-5 Report due on November 20, 2019

C-5 must cover October 16th through November 15th

A C-5 is required for all city candidates on November 20, 2019.  The C-5 must cover October 16th through November 15th.

This report may be the candidate's closing report if no campaign account transactions (e.g. paying back outstanding debts or loans) remain. If transactions will continue to occur, a closing report must be filed later. Details about closing out a candidate campaign account are available here.

The C-5 can be filed via CERS. If a 2019 city candidate has filed hardcopy C-5 reports previously, they have the option to file a C-5 as a hardcopy (form here).Make sure to reference the Candidate Guide to Navigating CERS!