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Event date: 9/15/2019 Export event
Beall, Katie
/ Categories: Lobbying Dates

POSSIBLE lobbying L-5 report due on September 15, 2019

Report required if $5,000 or more spent during the month of August

After the session, any time $5,000 or more is spent on lobbying activities in a single month, an L-5 must be filed on the 15th of the following month. The report must also retroactively include any previous expenses from months were $5,000 or more was NOT spent.

For example, if a principal spends $2,000 in June and $5,000 in July, they must file a monthly L-5 on August 15th. This report would cover all June and July expenses and activity. Please see MCA 5-7-208.

Need help filing your L-5 report? Reference this COPP in-depth L-5 Report Guide.