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Beall, Katie

Special Election (March 3, 2020) Committees: C-6 or C-4 report due by September 10, 2020

Special election committees for the March 3, 2020 special election that have not filed a closing report and thus still have a 2020 committee account open have a C-4 or C-6 due by September 10, 2020. The campaign finance report covers all transactions, if any, that occur from March 19, 2020 through September 5, 2020. 

Incidental political committees use Form C-4 to report financial activities; all other committees (political party, ballot issue, and independent (PAC) committees) use Form C-6 to detail all contributions received and expenditures made during a specific timeframe. C-4s and C-6s must be filed in CERS.

More details:

An incidental committee is a political committee which is not organized or maintained for the primary purpose of influencing elections but which may incidentally become a political committee by reason of making a contribution or expenditure to support or oppose a candidate and/or issue (Administrative Rules of Montana 44.10.327(2)(c)). 

Each county, municipal, and school district committee is required to file campaign finance reports if contributions received or expenditures made exceed $500 (in total). 

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