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May 21, 2015

Dear Fellow Montanan: 

We just completed the second meeting of the team of people who are working to draft proposed rules for the COPP. These new rules, when finished, will guide the manner in which the staff of the COPP applies Montana law, including new law set out in Senate Bill 289, to 2016 candidate and ballot issue campaigns.

Montana's agency rule making process offers certain times when the public can review and comment on proposed rules. The process includes a public hearing where comment can be made in person to the COPP. The new proposed rules should enter that formal public review and comment process by July of 2015. Any person or entity that wishes to be notified so that it can be part of that formal review and comment process should provide its name and address to the COPP.

The people working to draft the proposed rules are: Jim Scheier, Sarah Clerget and Kristen Madsen (AG's Agency Legal Services); Michael Black (contracted attorney); and Mary Baker, Jonathan Motl, Jamie MacNaughton and Vanessa Sanddal from the COPP staff. Anne Sherwood (U of M law student) will join the team as a summer contractor starting the last week of May.

The team meets each Wednesday at 10:00 AM in the COPP office located in the "stone house" at 1219 8th Avenue, Helena, MT. The team members discusses their work of the previous week, review current drafts of proposed rules and assign new rule drafting tasks, as appropriate. Please consider this letter as an open invitation to you (and to any other interested person or party) should you wish to attend and listen to these discussions. The COPP does not have video conference technology so attendance will need to be in person. You are most welcome to attend in person.


Jonathan Motl

Commissioner of Political Practices



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