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November 12, 2015

Dear Fellow Montanan: 

Winter is coming and so is the 2016 campaign season. Kym reports that 84 Montanans have now registered with the COPP (technically, that means that they have filed a Statement of Candidacy) as candidates for election to the Montana legislature

This Office is the nerve center for campaign finance information in Montana. The Office assists those who need to file campaign finance forms. Kym and Mary are now using our new interactive video system to work with candidates who are preparing to file campaign finance reports electronically for the first time. Once forms are filed then the information is handled and posted for viewing by the press and public. Kym, Elyssa, Mary or Karen handle (depending on the candidate or committee) this task.

Campaigns are the streets Montanans must travel down to reach the buildings where elected officials make decisions for all of us. We need to talk and talk a lot, as we move down campaign streets. Campaign talk is good, it leads to better understanding and transparency. This Office has much information that is necessarily a part of campaign talk. We are available by phone, interactive video and in person.  You can stop by our office at 1209 8th Ave. in person or, time permitting, we can come to talk to you.  Tomorrow (November 13) I will be speaking to two groups in Bozeman concerning the effect of Montana's new campaign disclosure laws. We will try our best to honor similar requests in the future.


Jonathan Motl

Commissioner of Political Practices



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