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March 23, 2015

Dear Fellow Montanan: 

As of today, Senate Bill 289 (SB 289) is alive at the 2015 Montana Legislature. If passed into law SB 289 will:

  • Require reporting and disclosure of so-called "issue advocacy" election expenditures;

  • Allow for increased electronic reporting; and

  • Tighten requirements for the Committees involved in elections. 

Each of the SB 289 provisions serves disclosure by requiring additional identification of money used in elections or serves transparency by speeding the timeliness of the disclosure. SB 289 is one of the best good government enhancement opportunities Montanans have had for several legislative cycles.

At this point SB 289 has received a positive vote in the Montana Senate. It then went to the House and was heard by the House Business and Labor Committee on March 17, 2015. SB 289 is expected to pass out of Committee and arrive on the House floor sometime this week. SB 289 is carried by Senator Ankney (R., Colstrip) and was supported at the House Committee hearing by the Montana League of Women Voters, Montana Common Cause, Money in State Politics, the COPP and the Governor's Office.

You can access a copy of SB 289 from the website for the Montana Legislature. You can also contact your legislator to let them know your position on SB 289.


Jonathan Motl                                                                                                                                                                                             

Commissioner of Political Practices



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