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October 3, 2016


     Dear Fellow Montanans:


     In the next two days (October 3rd and 4th) the COPP will accept filing of and post the October 1st and 35th day (October 4) campaign finance reports. The next reports will be due the 12th day pre-election (October 27) and November 1, 2016.


     Campaign finance reports are the means by which the press and members of the public can track and comment on the amount of money (and sources of money) received and spent by Montana candidates for public office and by Montana's ballot issue committees. To that end the staff of this Office work hard in guiding the filing and posting of reports, first as data in the CERS system and then as a PDF information report in File Net. The ease (and speed) of public access to the campaign finance data and information depends on the ability of the COPP staff to manage this flow of data and information. Thank you Karen, Noah, Scott, Elyssa and Kym for your able, and increasingly swift, efforts to achieve transparency in this campaign finance information.


     On the enforcement side we are current with 2016 complaint Decisions and we intend to keep current right up to the last week before the November 8 election. We will hold Decisions on complaints filed in that last week until after the election because there is not enough time for the parties to react if we make a decision during that last week.


     We continue to receive letters and phone calls from Montanans who have concerns about a particular mailing, phone call or campaign contact. We are here to respond to those concerns, so please feel free to contact us. 





     Jonathan Motl









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