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September 30, 2015

Dear Fellow Montanan: 

It is a time for a Goodbye and a Hello. Today the COPP says goodbye to its longtime lawyer, advisor and friend, assistant attorney general, Jim Scheier. Today is Wednesday September 30 and Scheier will pack his personal possessions and leave his state office to enter retirement.

Many of you know Jim Scheier through his role as an assistant attorney general. In that role Jim has provided the invisible but indispensable labor that has served to shape and allow government to ably and fairly function in the best tradition of public service. Jim Scheier has played many roles as an assistant attorney general, including serving Commissioners Argenbright, Vaughey, Higgins, Unsworth, Hensley, Gallik, Murry and Motl, as well as the staff of these commissioners. In my tenure alone Scheier has vetted and passed on every Decision and Opinion issued by this Office. His review was akin to a blessing, as we all waited for him to respond before any of this work was considered final for publication. From each of us here, thank you Jim for superb work faithfully and well done.

And, it its time for a Hello to Elyssa Spaeth, the new program assistant at the COPP. Elyssa comes to COPP from Joliet, Montana High School and from the University of Idaho (Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English). Elyssa is Mary Baker's direct assistant and will be in charge of inspection of City candidate campaign finance reports. Hello and welcome Elyssa.


Jonathan Motl

Commissioner of Political Practices



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