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February 1, 2016

To Millennials: 

Millennials, the generation that was born between 1982 and 2000, and a generation that is now larger than any of its predecessors and far more diverse in all things relative, especially politics. According to the Pew Research Center, this year Millennials are projected to surpass the oversized Baby Boom generation as the largest voting demographic.

We are a generation who does not always vote, but when we do we have the potential to make a difference. The common complaint or perhaps misconception; our votes do not matter and our voices will not be heard, we are underrepresented and misunderstood. While you may be able to make this argument at the federal level in the world of electoral colleges; however, at the state level, this is simply not true. Once we realize that our vote matters, next comes interest, investment, and information.

Exposure of politicians and their movements in today's media frenzy society can be overwhelming and confusing. On a daily basis we are struck with a barrage of flash unfounded statements that can be taken at face value and dismissed or researched and confirmed. We rarely choose the latter, as social media has given us the option of instant gratification and we will take it over delayed research every time.

However, we are dismissing the very future of our state by taking things at face value; by utilizing the COPP's research systems anyone can learn about any person who has filed a statement of candidacy with our office. In a culture that requires all things at our fingertips, we happily oblige the demand. Using the CERS (Campaign Electronic Reporting System), you can easily find who is giving money, who is getting money, and what they are doing with it. We are here to make the decision of whom to vote for clea4rer and to get a generation of Millennials involved in not only this election but in the future of politics for the State of Montana.


Elyssa Spaeth

As the newest member to join the COPP team, I have been engulfed in the world of finance reports and political practices. As a native Montanan and millennial myself, I will be alternating letters with Commissioner Motl, in the hopes to inspire and answer any questions that our disenchanted generation may have concerning the state of our politics and upcoming elections.



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