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April 15, 2015

Dear Fellow Montanan: 

I am pleased to say that Senate Bill 289, the “disclose” Act, cleared final vote in the Senate today and is on its way to the Governor for signature. SB 289 adds an additional pre-election reporting period for candidates, provides that electronic reporting may be required for candidates and requires the reporting of the costs of all pre-election publication expenditures, regardless of whether the publication is claimed to be an issue directed (as opposed to a candidate directed) expenditure.

Please also be informed that Senate Resolution 53 confirming Jonathan Motl as Commissioner has been set for a hearing before the Senate State Administration Committee. The SR 53 hearing is set for 3:00 PM, Monday, April 20, 2014 at Room 335 in the Montana State Capital building.

Finally, the COPP budget continues to need removal of the restriction placed on the use of the COPP fund amount allocated for legal services. The legal services amount of $85,000 per year provided to the COPP is correct but it should be placed in the COPP budget without restriction as this allows the COPP to use the funds to pay for the salary of its own in-house legal counsel, as it has done for the past two years. The restriction directs the COPP to engage legal services through an office of the Attorney General, a system that is more costly and results in far less legal services than simply funding an in-house attorney. The budget bill (HB 2) with this harmful restriction will be set shortly for a conference committee review and the restriction can be removed at that time.

Thank you for your continued interest in this Office.


Jonathan Motl

Commissioner of Political Practices



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