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December 10, 2014

Dear Fellow Montanans:

I have written before regarding the COPP's new interactive candidate electronic reporting system (CERS). The system was first used by candidates to file campaign finance reports in the 2014 Montana general election.

The above photo is that of Mary Baker and Kym Trujillo holding the award given them today (December 10, 2014) at the ceremony honoring exemplary Information Technology (IT) achievements by State of Montana agencies during 2014. Mary and Kym led and implemented CERS for the COPP and they were awarded a State of Montana IT heroine trophy for that work.

Montana is twice served by the work of Mary and Kym. First, they work for all us and we get an immediate return of value from their work. Second, they understand the value of, and work toward, creating a lasting transparent and communicative system of campaign finance information that is accessible to all Montanans. Good governance happens from the incremental, positive and shared acts of people like Mary and Kym. We will all benefit long term from the lasting effect of Mary and Kym's work.


Jonathan Motl                                                                                                                                                                                             

Commissioner of Political Practices



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