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Education and Resources


- Attribution: 2018 information, Brochure (Web) (Print)
- Ballot Interference Prevention Act, registry form
- Campaign Reporting 101 Brochure (Web) (Print)
- Candidate Forms Guide
-CERS resources

- CERS: Step-by-Step Instructions
- CERS Instructions for New Users
- CERS 101: Simple Guidance

- Committee Forms Guide
- Constituent Services Accounts
- Guide to Close Out a Campaign Account
- DOA HR: Employee’s Guide to Standards of Conduct
- DOA HR: State Ethics Policy

- Exenditures: Paid Communications and Advertisements
- Ethics Booklet
- Fundraiser Reporting Guidance
- Post-Primary Guidance for Unsuccessful Candidates - Primary 2018
- Gift & Stipend Guidance for Candidates - 2018
- 2019 Lobbying Guide, Lobbying resource page


- Montana Campaign Finance and Practices Laws (Blue Book)
- Accounting and Reporting Manual for Candidates (Green Book)
- Accounting and Reporting Manual for Political Committees (Pink Book)

Frequently Asked Questions

- AG's Opinion: Public Officer/Employee Use of Uniform/Job Title in Political Ads
- Candidate and Political Committee Websites
- Campaign Accounts and Banking Requirements
- Electioneering: The 100 Foot Rule
- Public Employee Political Activity in the Workplace
- Political Raffles
- Robo Calls
- US Ninth Circuit Opinion French v. Jones - Judicial candidates seeking, using, or accepting political endorsements
- Olsen/Eaton v Van Dyk CFD absentee ballot photos, June 2011

2018 Example Campaigns - These fictional campaigns will be updated throughout the 2018 election cycle to demonstrate proper reporting and attribution, so check back frequently!

- Candidate: J. Coffee for Commissioner
- Committee: Montanans for Better Coffee

Links of Interest

- SOS's Office: Election and Voter Services
- SOS's Office: Notary Training
- Online Training: Montana's Code of Ethics
- Montana Legislature: Ethics Training Self Test
-FEC general website
-FEC search page for Montana's congressional representatives




Infographics and Visual Aids

- Independent Expenditures ( Printable PDF)  

IndependentExpenditure Detail (2)   - Expenditure Detail ( Printable PDF

  - Social Media ( Printable PDF Guidance Social Media Thumb

  - Social Media Attribution (Printable PDF  

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