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Promoting confidence, transparency, and accountability in Montana's democratic processes.

Advisory Opinions

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2019 Advisory Opinions
COPP-2019-AO-002 -  

2018 Advisory Opinions
COPP-2018-AO-002 - Ballot Selfies  (Olsen/Eaton v Van Dyk 2011 CFD June, 2011)

COPP-2018-AO-001 - Out of State Political Committee - Supporting Statewide Ballot issue

2017 Advisory Opinions
COPP-2017-AO-004 - Corporate Contributions to Political Campaign Committees
COPP-2017-AO-003 - Candidate Contributions to Other Candidates
COPP-2017-AO-002 - Recall Election Reporting and Disclosure Requirements
COPP-2017-AO-001 - BFC / Lobbying Reporting and Disclosure Requirements

2016 Advisory Opinions
COPP-2016-AO-014 - Liquor Stores as State Actors
COPP-2016-AO-013 - O'Hara v Madison County Central Committee / Committee Classification
COPP-2016-AO-012 - Ballot initiative Signature Gathering By Candidate on Election Day
COPP-2016-AO-011 - Corporate Ballot Issue Endorsements
COPP-2016-AO-010 - Montana Human Rights Network / Communications About Policy Change
COPP-2016-AO-009 - Gary Marbut / Rejection of Request to Renew Advisory Opinion
COPP-2016-AO-008 - MT Republican Party / Earmarked Contributions
COPP-2016-AO-007 - Candidate and State Official PSA and Documentary Tour
COPP-2016-AO-006 - Ronald Rowling / Campaign Ads on Public Space
COPP-2016-AO-005 - Claudia Clifford (AARP) / Electioneering Communication Voter Guide
COPP-2016-AO-004 - Matt Sisler / Ethics Complaint Against Local Government Official
COPP-2016-AO-003 - Johanna Clark / Legislative Candidate Residence in Two Counties

2015 Advisory Opinions
COPP-2015-AO-008 - Contribution Limit Exception For Certain Paid Personal Services
COPP-2015-AO-005 - State Official Public Service Announcement
COPP-2015-AO-004 - Danette Warren / Political Committee Membership Luncheon
COPP-2015-AO-002 - D. Sandefur / Using a Public Facility to Take Campaign Photos
COPP-2015-AO-001 - Eric Wang / Federal & State Candidate Joint Fundraising Committees

2014 Advisory Opinions
COPP-2014-AO-0018 - Ginger Aldrich / Use of Constituent Accounts to Pay Legislative Aides
COPP-2014-AO-0017 - Viv Hammill / D-1 Business Disclosure
COPP-2014-AO-0016 - Jessica Snyder / Sponsor for Agency Bill
COPP-2014-AO-0015 - Augie Aga / Website Banner Ad Attributions
COPP-2014-AO-0014 - Jayson Peters / Ms. Schnebel's Voting Record
COPP-2014-AO-0013 - Roger Hagan / Lobbying by Former Government Personnel
COPP-2014-AO-0012 - Rob Cameron / Legal Service Costs as Elections Costs
COPP-2014-AO-0011 - Steve Sem / Electioneering
COPP-2014-AO-0010 - Senator Fred Thomas & Sheridan Buck / Campaign Schools & Legislative Forums
COPP-2014-AO-0009 - Sandy Welch / A Particular Definition of Contribution
COPP-2014-AO-0008 - Gary Marbut / Candidate Surveys
COPP-2014-AO-0007 - Carl Ibsen / Public Employee Campaign Issues
COPP-2014-AO-0006 - Hartley / Ethics of Dual Public Employment
COPP-2014-AO-0005 - Oppel / Conference Cost Reporting
COPP-2014-AO-0004 - Welch / A Particular Definition of Contribution DRAFT
COPP-2014-AO-0003 - Boyles / Electronic Campaigns
COPP-2014-AO-0002 - Knudsen / Public Official Acts
COPP-2014-AO-0001 - Eric Fulton / Bitcoin Use

2013 Advisory Opinions
COPP-2013-DR-0001 - Montanans for Community Development Declaratory Ruling
COPP-2013-AO-0004 - Dick Barrett / Constituents in New Senate District
COPP-2013-AO-0003 - Montana Family Foundation / Anonymity Disclaimer
COPP-2013-AO-0002 - Franke Wilmer / 2-2-104 Ethics
COPP-2013-AO-0001 - Montanans for Community Development / Express Advocacy

Welch Recount Opinion
Attorney General Opinion: Public Officer or Employee's use of uniform and/or job title in political ads
Naming and Labeling Statute
Political Raffles Opinion