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Docket of Formal Complaints


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Updated: September 19, 2022

 (complaint as filed with COPP - Complaint ID -  Respondent submitted response to complaint)

- Visualeyes Inc DBA Signs Now Helena v Tonkay - COPP-2022-CFP-018 Resonse due 9/6 (failed to remit response, respondent follow up 1 to request, respondent follow up 2 to request)


- Leslie v Manzella - COPP-2020-CFP-035 Response 

- Malloy v Doctors for a Healthy Montana - COPP-2020-CFP-011

- Rhoades v. Winter - COPP-2018-CFP-053

- MDP v MRP - COP P-2018-CFP-032

- Eaton v Fern - COPP-2018-CFP-031

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Updated: May 31, 2022
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Updated: August 13, 2021
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Updated: August 26, 2020
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2021 Complaint Docket


Updated: August 10, 2020

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