Commissioner of Political Practices

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Ethics Booklet
Ethics Laws (MCA)
Ethics - Administrative Rules of the State of Montana (ARM)
Docket of Formal Complaints
Complaint Procedure
Advisory Opinions 

Confidentiality in Ethics Complaints as submitted to COPP

United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Case No. 18-35115 Tschida v. Mangan

CV-16-102-H-BMM – Tschida v. Mangan

Ethics Forms
Business Disclosure Statement (Statewide and State District Elected Officials, Department Directors, and Candidates for Statewide or State District Office)
Form D-1
Form D-1 Instructions

Multiple Public Employment Disclosure Statement (Public Employees, Public Officers, and Legislators)
Form E-1
Form E-1 Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions
Montana Code of Ethics and the Gift Ban
Public Employee Political Activity While at Work