Commissioner of Political Practices

Promoting confidence, transparency, and accountability in Montana's democratic processes.

Latest Developments

Laws and policies governing campaign finance and practice, ethics, and lobbying change regularly as a result of legislative initiatives and litigation outcomes. As those changes become effective, CPP's duties as well as the office's manuals, guidance, and educational resources must also evolve. The pages below are intended to provide timely communication of latest developments for candidates, committees, campaign staff, lobbyists, and the public.

Statute changes impacting campaign finance, lobbying, and ethics in 2021 include:

Campaign Finance

HB 71 - Revise Campaign Finance Dates for Municipal Elections

SB 224 - Generally Revise Campaign Finance laws (includes campaign finance limits and a number of revisions in reporting requirements) 

SB 319 - Generally Revise Campaign Finance laws including Joint Fundraising Committees

HB 221 - Campaign Contributions allowed for Child Care


SB 1 - Conform Lobbying Definition 


HB 95 - Revise Ethics Laws related to Confidentiality


Check this space for highlights of changes to CERS to be implemented as a result of enacted legislation, including provisions for Joint Fundraising Committees (SB 319), revised campaign finance limits (SB 224), and other campaign finance and practices statute revisions.

**CERS changes are in development this summer and will appear on the system Fall 2021

Check this space for links to the latest CPP training videos, documents, and other campaign finance and practice educational resources.

Municipal Candidate Campaign Finance Training Presentation June, 2021 Zoom Recording; 

Municipal Candidate Campaign Finance Training Presentation July, 2021 Zoom recording (starts around 6 min mark)  Materials here - Powerpoint Presentation, PDF

Municipal C7/C7E Campaign Finance Report Training August, 2021 Zoom Recording. Materials here - Powerpoint Presentation, PDF


CPP manuals updated for consistency with laws enacted by the 2021 Legislature and associated policies and guidance:

Campaign Finance and Practice Laws (Blue Book)
Accounting and Reporting Manual for Candidates (Green Book)
Accounting and Reporting Manual for Committees (Pink Book)